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Pet CPR/First Aid Class will be offered 
Sunday, February 21 at 11 am
here at PPA for $40.

You may call or email us to register.  

Gingr is here!  Please use this link to access your new Gingr account for booking boarding and daycare reservations, viewing your package and reservation status! Prior to your first booking in Gingr, you must log in with your email to set your password and sign the appropriate agreements and PPA Staff must schedule your first visit.  If you have difficulties please let us know.  Staff has been entering client information, so if you find you are not yet in there, please let us know and we can take care of that!

Puppy Playgroup is on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 pm.  Adult Playgroup is at 7:15 pm.  Join the fun!

Locally owned and operated for over 7 years, PAWSITIVE PAWS ACADEMY offers Training, Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming in one location!

TRAINING:  Class and Private

Positive training helps build a wonderful, lifelong relationship with your canine family member!  We offer a variety of classes:
*Puppy and Adult Obedience, CGC
*Puppy and Adult Agility-multiple levels
*Flyball, Rally-O, and Fitpaws

Private training for any of the above areas and for behavior modification is available as well.

Open Agility WorkoutMondays 7-9.  Pre-requisite:  weave/teeter with no assistance, work off leash under control, classes thru trial preparation or the equivalent. 

Socialization Playgroups

Socialization is very important to the emotional well being of your puppy and adult dog.  Its been too cold for lots of outdoor play - so bring it inside for a warm and cozy Wednesday or Friday night playgroup!

COMING UP:  Still Back to School Time!

New Classes will begin the 2nd week in January.  Get your new puppy or dog into school for obedience skills, manners, and socialization!  Try agility or flyball to help your dog get not only physical but mental exercise as well. The cold weather is coming!


Supplies for a happy, healthy dog!

We carry some basic items for happiness and health - at reasonable prices.
-Nutro Brand Dog Food and Lifevantage Canine Health Supplement
-Healthy treats,
Kongs, edible bones, Nylabones, Antlers
-Leather leashes and cute collars,
Haltis, Sporn Harnesses and more
-Slow feed bows and accessories


Daycare and Boarding

Whether your dog is coming for the day to play,
or they need an overnight place to stay,
they will ALL have a great time at PPA!

Daycare and boarding group dogs are assessed by one of our training staff to ensure that they will be comfortable in group settings.  Boarding guests who are not able to be in groups get their exercise time with staff. 

All of our staff members are dog approved!



We provide grooming services to fit your needs as well.  Bring them in for a spa day: a little daycare and massaging warm bath to fight the bitter cold. 


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